Watch out, NFL: Calvin's planning on a better season than last year

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chrissy Wywrot at had a good long talk with Lions WR and all-around stud Calvin Johnson, who says he's looking to improve this year. That means improving on more than 1,300 yards and leading the league in TD catches, despite having multiple mediocre QBs throwing to him and no real help to take pressure off him from his fellow receivers.

“Every year I just want to go into the season thinking, ‘Just do better than you did last year and you’ll be okay.’ I don’t ever put any specific numbers up for myself, but as long as I feel I’ve done better than I did the year before, it was a successful season.”
Calvin also praised the addition of veteran WRs Ronald Curry and Bryant Johnson.
“It’s been great. There are some skill areas that everybody needs to work on and those guys would definitely be the first ones to tell you, ‘Hey, if you do this on this route, you’ll win.’ “They’re always giving little hints and tips and stuff like that so it’s been a great addition. I feel like they know what they’re doing, so it’s been good for the whole group.”
Bryant Johnson gave the love back, saying Calvin is mature and a hard worker, always striving to improve, and that rubs off on other players. A better supporting cast almost has to help Calvin Johnson. And if he does improve on last year ... ooh, man. Discuss it in The Den!