Tom K. makes Kalvin Pearson - Ramon Santiago comparison -- and it actually kind of works

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tom Kowalski at continues his summer scouting reports with Lions S Kalvin Pearson:

Perhaps the best way to describe Detroit Lions backup safety Kalvin Pearson is to compare him to Ramon Santiago of the Tigers - they're both effective when used in the right role but when they have to start in every game, their flaws are exposed. When used correctly, though, they can give your team a lift.
Killer rightly notes that Pearson is a bit undersized and while he's willing to hit, it seems the long season takes a toll on him when he gets a lot of playing time. He then reminds us of some of last season's ugliness:
He started fairly strong and then his effectiveness took a nosedive (Pearson had only started a total of two games in his previous three seasons). For example, the Tennessee Titans rushed the ball 46 times (for 292 yards) on Thanksgiving and Pearson was credited with just two tackles - one solo and one assist. Pearson is an aggressive and fearless hitter, but the long season took its toll.
Pearson can probably kiss starting goodbye, but the new coaching staff seems to like him for depth and special teams. Discuss in The Den!