Kowalski - Alex Lewis could be crowded off roster

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who ever thought they'd see the day where the Lions would have a logjam at linebacker? But it's shaping up that way, and that may bode ill for Alex Lewis, Tom Kowalski says on MLive.com. Killer makes the argument that Lewis was misused in the Millen era -- asked to step in as a starting strong-side LB and stop the run when he was performing well as a backup specializing in pass coverage. Says Tom K.:

The linebacker position is one of the most rebuilt spots of the off-season. Not only did the Lions go out and get a couple of starters in Julian Peterson and Larry Foote, but they drafted two linebackers (DeAndre Levy and Zach Follett) and brought in some solid free agents (including Curtis Gatewood and Cody Spencer). Lewis will find the competition tough because second-year player Jordon Dizon is proving to be very effective in pass coverage and the younger Gatewood, a former defensive end, could be stronger on special teams.
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