Killer on Grady

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tom Kowalski at continues his series of scouting reports heading into the 2009 season, focusing on newly acquired DT Grady Jackson.

He's overweight (350-plus pounds) and he's past his prime (entering his 15th NFL season), but Grady Jackson might be exactly what the Detroit Lions need for their run defense ... The Lions have been the league's worst run defense in each of the last two years and Jackson gives them an immediate infusion of bulk and attitude. The Lions aren't likely to get more than 18 to 20 plays per game out of Jackson, but the success of bringing him in as a free agent will be based on what he does with those appearances.
Jackson's size, leverage and immovability could leave the Lions' defense with fewer third-and-short situations this year, Killer speculates. But questions remain, including whether Grady has a year or two left in him and when his season will start -- he faces a 4-game suspension for using a banned substance, but Jackson is part of a lawsuit contending a mislabled, over-the-counter weight-loss supplement is the culprit. Will Jackson be a difference-maker or a "well, we tried?" Debate it in The Den!