Millen Still Collecting

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Despite Millen talking to the Detroit Free Press recently, telling Nick Constonika how much he loves the city of Detroit and how much he likes the pick of Matt Stafford, he still wants the $5 million remaining on his contract that he didn't receive after being fired last season. This story comes on the heels of Millen stating how much he had learned from all of his failures while with Detroit; he did leave the club with a record of 31-97 (counting the loses gained after his mid-season termination). After doing everything possible to dodge the Detroit Press and staying as far away from the city as possible after his termination; the first time we actually get to hear from Millen comes on the heels of him being hired by the NFL Network and the motivation of $5 million. So, after eight years of "Football Purgatory", this guy who put this franchise into the worst shape any football franchise has even been, he didn't have the guts to say anything to anyone until now. I wonder why he'd choose now as a time to begin speaking with Detroit writers? I'll bet you $5 million that if he didn't think he was still entitled to $5 million, we still would hear this......? Well I'll let you fill in the blank!