Schwartz Taking Advantage of Being "First In Line"

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Detroit Lions have been busy this off-season. After posting the worst record in the league a year ago, the only reward -- other than the No. 1 overall pick -- is the ability to claim any players first that cross the waiver wire.

The nabbing of Washington RT Jon Jansen makes for seven.

Jim Schwartz's thoughts?

"Taking advantage of being first in line," explained Schwartz during Monday's press briefing following an OTA workout. "You know, particularly at this point of the offseason, we're evaluating a lot of different guys. When we have a chance to bring somebody in, particularly somebody that we've had some feel for in the past - our college scouts, our pro scouts - we're going to bring them in. Even if it means an extended tryout, which some of those waiver claims have turned out to be; let's bring them in, let's look at them, let's give them every opportunity. If it doesn't fit, then we move on. There's a lot of ways to find players. Whether you're drafting, whether you're picking up street free agents, whether you're trading, it gives us a good tool to use this time of year."

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