Killer: Stafford's got street cred

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tom Kowalski over at has posted an interesting little article about the famous party pics of Matt Stafford, taken as he attended a NASCAR race during college, and the source of at least a few tempests in teapots.  Apparently, the pics have garnered him not scorn but respect in the locker room.  This isn't that surprising; given both the lack of political correctness in locker rooms, and the "strawberries and champagne" reptutation of the last Golden Boy quarterback that got ready for work in that particular locker room.

Frankly, given the fact that Matt Stafford was a three-year starter at a warm-weather SEC school, where football is a religion, and partying is a year-round thing, he'd have to have lived in an abbey not to have partaken in at least a little weekend revelry.  Good Ol' Boy credibility aside, it's sounding like Stafford has already managed to win over his teammates far more than Joey Ballgame ever could.

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