Chuck Rogers: does he finally get it?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hugh Bernreuter from The Saginaw News just posted a nice article on Charles Rogers. Rogers, of course, is a Saginaw product who made good at Michigan State, was drafted by the Lions, and flashed serious potential in the first few weeks of his rookie season.  Unfortunately, that was his career high-water mark, and injuries and lack of production kept him off the field until his contract could be dumped without repercussion.  In the years since, Rogers has been sued by the Lions for the majority of his signing bonus, arrested, worked out by several other teams (and looked horrible), apparently agreed to terms with the Montreal Alouetttes (but never reported), arrested again, and finally jailed.

However, it seems as though a little time behind bars brought Chuck some perspective.  Well, that and watching his former high school teammate and college rival LaMarr Woodley win a Super Bowl while he was falsifying AA meeting attendance records to avoid said jail time.  While helping LaMarr and Clifton Ryan run their annual football camp, Rogers impressed onlookers with his new attitude, new resolve, and much-improved physical condition.  Can Rogers rediscover the electrifying athleticism that earned him that enormous contract, that afforded him the lifestyle he'd been addicted to?  Nobody knows for sure.  But for the sake of Rogers, and his children, I'd love to see him make good.

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