Jim Schwartz's State of the Team letter

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sean Yuille over at the Pride of Detroit blog has obtained a "State of the Team" letter written by Jim Schwartz, and sent from the Lions to, it's presumed, employees and season ticket holders.  Nothing Earth-shattering is revealed in the letter; Schwartz essentially praises his staff and the front office for the changes they've made to the personnel, praises fans for their passion, and exhorts the Lions faithful to show up to Ford Field in droves and make lots of noise.

The letter is a transparent attempt to reach out to fans and inspire them to return; that's fine by me.  For an organization that often treated its fans as burdens to bear, obstacles to overcome, or scenery to be ignored, these kinds of things are critical.  Any time the Lions proactively reach out to the fans that continue to ensure they exist, it's a step in the right direction.