Louis Delmas: "I have a lot of proving to do"

Monday, June 8, 2009

Howie Beardsley from the Grand Rapids Press just posted a nice little story on Louis Delmas, the Lions' second-round safety.  Delmas has been the subject of much buzzing around Allen Park and the Internet with his playmaking, his on- and off-field charisma, and his disturbing (and endearing) life story.  Delmas helped out with the Detroit Lions Youth Camp this weekend, and answered a young fan's question about how many times he'll be All-Pro with the best possible answer: "If I play 15 seasons in the NFL, I want to be all-pro 15 times."

Delmas has the talent, mouth, and personality to be the playmaking lynchpin of the Lions' defense.  Much like Troy Polamalu in Pittsburgh, Ed Reed in Baltimore, and Bob Sanders in Indianapolis, Delmas has the natural talent to be fearsome against both the run and the pass.  This production should be redoubled with the Lions' new symmetrical look, where Delmas will pair with safety Daniel Bullocks; both will be expected to perform in traditional "free" and "strong" roles during a game.  If he truly does, as he says, already have the playbook memorized, he'll be able to focus his time in training camp on his execution.  So far, all of the indicators are pointing towards Delmas being exactly what the Lions hoped he would be when they turned in the 33rd card last April.

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