Mayhew pleased with progress, says more to do, admits to "learning curve"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decently substantive interview with Lions GM Martin Mayhew by Chrissie Wywrot at Detroit

Mayhew says the Lions have improved their roster, but still are not where they need to be. To that end, he's continuing to work the phones on potential trades and scanning the waiver wire every day.

Mayhew says the big difference in his current position than when he was a Millen underling is "making the decision instead of making a recommendation."

The biggest off-season move in Mayhew's mind is (obviously) the hiring of Jim Schwartz. "I think he’s done an outstanding job with the team and an outstanding job putting the staff together," Mayhew said of Schwartz.

“I like our offensive and defensive systems; I think both the systems and the coaches relate well to the players. I’ve been really pleased with the coaching staff and where we are right now as a football team.”

Mayhew also admits there's been a learning curve with the new executive staff.

“Looking back, there are things that I would do different in terms of the draft, (in terms of the) first part of free agency but, overall, we had enough experienced people working with me that both of those things turned out positive for us. Shack, Sheldon, Scott McEwen, Jim and the rest of our coaching staff have all been a big part of making this offseason a good one so far.”

(Memo to Ms. Wywrot: I know you work for the Lions, but a follow-up question would have been great here. What would Mayhew do differently about the draft and the first part of free agency? I'm certainly curious.)

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