Killer: Bullocks has a lot to prove

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A fairly nasty fly has been found in Lions' fans' collective optimism ointment.  It's been widely presumed that rookie safety Louis Delmas will occupy a starting spot next to returning young veteran Daniel Bullocks--but apparently that's far from settled.  Oh, Delmas can be pencilled in, alright, but it's Bullocks's job that's in question.  While most who watched the games intently last year remembered seeing flashes of "the old Bullocks" early on, apparently that didn't last all season.  Killer goes on to insinuate that Bullock's bad angles and bad tackling were the cause of the long runs we saw reeled off against the Lions by Carolina, Tennesee, and other teams.

This is disheartening.  Between this, and the question marks around Gerald Alexander, safety has gone from a position where the Lions had two talented young starters, to having one talented young starter and a pile of questionably-useful veterans.  Indeed, after spending three secound-round draft picks at safety in four years, the Lions still might have a hole back there.

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