Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lions, moreso than any time in recent history, are appealing to their fans.  According to Nick Cotsonika of the Free Press, yesterday the Lions sent an email to former season ticket holders, saying they "WANT YOU BACK".  It invited those who'd cancelled their season tickets--from all the way back to 2002--to an exclusive minicamp session on the 24th.

It's quite interesting to see the continuing committment that the Lions' leadership has shown to the fans . . . of course, the cynical person says, "that's because they want the money", and that's certainly true.  However, it would be one thing to run some ill-advised TV spots and call it a day--it's quite another to hold town all meetings, send personal letters from the head coach, and hold exclusive practice sessions . . . after decades of not only not reaching out to fans, but practically bending over backwards to spite them, the Lions are now working overtime to mend fences.

Whether these measures result in more season-ticket packages being sold or not, no one can say.  However, if it took forty years of mediocre capped by ten years of absolutely wretched to drive the fans away, these outreach measures--plus a little bit of winning--should at least melt the ice encasing many fans' hearts.

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