Schwartz: Delmas has "mastered" defense already

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lions Coach Jim Schwartz just laid some MAJOR praise on rookie S Louis Delmas, according to Nicholas Cotsonika at

Delmas apparently already has the mental aspects of the game down, before the Lions even get into pads:

“There’s nothing that’s done in the NFL that we don’t do,” Schwartz said. “We have about every coverage invented. We run about every blitz package invented.

“A lot of times in college, they’ll play a couple fronts and a couple coverages. It’ll be a lot more limited.

“He’s not only learned it but mastered it maybe as quick as I’ve ever seen a young player in the secondary do it.”

Talk is cheap. But I obviously respect Schwartz's opinion. It's hard not to get excited about this. Did we just snag the next Bob Sanders?

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