Follett wants pads, hitting, pain infliction

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Minicamp's all well and good. But Lions rookie LB Zach Follett really has his eye on the start of training camp July 31 -- when the players go into full pads and start hitting, Tom Kowalski reports at

"I'm just excited to get pads on and see what I can do," Follett said after Tuesday's morning workout. "It's coming through and hitting people and that's what I do best. I'm not going to be scared going into any hole against anybody."

As a seventh-round draft pick, Follett knows he's buried on the depth chart. And he admits that he's got a lot of learning to do:
"Any position from college is new to me because I was more outside and coming off the edge every play,'' he said. "I played inside backer in high school and the beginning of my college career and I'm starting to dust the cobwebs off and get a nose for the ball and how to play inside and read blocks. It's coming along."

"The pace of play has been fine. It's just getting a whole new system down and playing the position these coaches want you to play. I had three linebacker coaches when I was at Cal and I had to adjust to a new system and this is a whole new one as well. That's four different ways of learning how to play the position."

I've said it before and will say it again -- even if Follett only turns out to be a special teams demon, that's pretty good for a last-rounder.

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