Kevin Carter taking it easy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As the Lions continue to constantly evaluate the roster and make changes where appropriate, one of the most appealing free agent options is former Titans and Bucs DE Kevin Carter.  Having worked with Schwartz and Cunningham in Tennessee, the 36-year-old defensive lineman could help hold the edges on running downs with his 6'-6", 305-pound frame, and then slide inside on passing downs and use his speed to disrupt.  Like Grady Jackson, Carter needs to preserve what little tread is left on his tires--so, as Nick Cotsonika reports, he and the Lions are taking a mutual wait-and-see attitude.

According to our own Nate Caminata, Carter met with the Lions for a tire-kicking session back in April.  Both sides expressed mutual interest, but neither saw the point in making Carter slog through six months of OTA and training camp.  At this point, expect the Lions to get serious about signing Carter closer to preseason--or possibly earlier if, heaven forbid, the injury bug bites the Lions' defensive line during training camp.  Of course, the injury bug might bite another team and they could offer Carter a better deal . . .

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