Cherilus named to Sporting News NFL "All-Notorious" Team

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lions OT Gosder Cherilus was named by Mike Florio at to his "All-Notorious" Team. Florio names some for their disruptiveness (Chad Ochocinco, Jay Cutler); others for brushes with the law (Plaxico, Brandon Marshall, Matt Jones and many more). On Gosder, Florio says:

Beaten on a play last season by Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Cherilus dove at Allen's knee. Cherilus also got into trouble in college, allegedly breaking a guy's back while supposedly breaking up a fight.
I don't know about "dove at Allen's knee," but the hit was definitely borderline -- and showed the attitude I want my OT to have with a cheap-shotter like Allen (who of course is on the All-Notorious defense list). Discuss in The Den!