Yahoo! Sports: Lions Offseason Progress Report

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yesterday at Yahoo! Sports writter MJD posted an article title "Offseason Progress Reports: Detroit Lions. This article outlines all of Detroits off-season free agent releases and signings, trades, and draft acquisitions. The article goes on to report how the new look Lions should take the field this season with all of those new acquisitions, both offensively and defensively. While the writer may have viewed the team from the standpoint of "0-16, and no where to go but up", he's right! The Lions have a slew of new players on both sides of the ball, some may be one-year stop gap players, but other veterans have been brought in to fill holes for a longer time period, as well as help to change environment of locker room. While the team may have finished the season with holes just about everywhere, they're off-seasons moves have proven, on paper, that a lot of holes have been filled and that 2009 Lions shouldn't resemble their predecessors in the least-- Finally!