Another Playcaller-- Looks like a Perfect Fit

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Earlier this week The Detroit Lions started a three-day OTA program which put the rookies on the same field as the vets for the first time. While much of the media attention has been directed at the first overall pick, Matthew Stafford, a report on chose to focus their attention on another early draft pick who may be calling plays too. Apparently, Louis Delmas (S) (pick 33; first pick of the second round) who made quite an impression on the coaching staff during rookie OTA's a few weeks ago continued to impress; this time including his veteran teammates. Delmas, who is to be reported a "vocal leader" on the field has proven those reports positive, and his teammates, both the vets and rookies like it; A LOT!! "I'm a leader, that's what I do best", stated Delmas after he zipped around the field, proving to know his assignments & where he was supposed to be and when. The article goes on to detial how passionate of a player Delmas is proving to be, proving it both on and off the field. He's also proving to be a student of the game-already, camping out in film room and we're still a month away from camp! He is proving to be the type of player the Lions have desperately needed both on the field and in the lockerroom. With veteran cornerbacks Anthony Henry coaching him on the field and, Philip Buchanon coaching him off the field; the secondary is already seeming to gel and the vets are making it clear that want Delmas with them on the field starting week 1.