The Schwartz Plan: Go big or go home

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nicholas Cotsonika at points out that the Rod Marinelli days of smaller, faster players (they were supposed to be fast?) is changing under Jim Schwartz.

The players the Lions have added include guard Toniu Fonoti (6-foot-4, 340 pounds), tight end Will Heller (6-6, 270), defensive end Eric Hicks (6-6, 280), defensive tackle Sammie Hill (6-4, 329), defensive tackle Grady Jackson (6-2, 345), guard Daniel Loper (6-6, 320), linebacker Julian Peterson (6-3, 240) and tight end Brandon Pettigrew (6-5, 263).
And yes, that's by design, Schwartz said. Better approach? Discuss it in The Den.