OTA Notes

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dave Birkett with a couple of Blog posts from the OTAs reports.

Stafford got reps with the second team with somewhat predictable results. Very good in one-on-one drills, shakier with the full team stuff. It's difficult to be either impressed or dismayed considering he is working with rookies who won't make the team. There is little doubt of what Stafford is capable of, but much more doubt about how well or quickly he will be able to translate his capabilities into consistent production. That question certainly won't be answered by the end of OTAs, and possibly not before 2010.

Birkett also notes that Schwartz was complimentary of Drew Stanton, but the compliments seemed a bit backhanded. I get the distinct impression that Stanton has no chance of keeping a roster spot through the summer. On the other hand, despite months of reports that the Lions are hunting for a veteran backup QB they haven't even brought one in for a conversation. I suspect that Shwartz and Mayhew want to define Stafford's role before they find their third quarterback. Will Stafford be the primary backup or the primary clipboard caddy? Another question for July, not May.