Silva On Delmas

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Notable Den whipping boy Evan Silva rated rookie defenders from a fantasy perspective. He mentions DeAndre Levy as a 'maybe' while profiling Louis Delmas as a likely high impact rookie.

The Titans will use Delmas in center field mostly, with Daniel Bullocks playing in the box. Still, Delmas possesses much more range than Bullocks and should end up beating him to many plays. Strong safeties are generally more desirable, but Delmas has the ball skills and speed to flirt with 80 tackles and 3-4 picks in his first season.
While confusing the Lions with the original iteration of the New York Jets - the 1958 - 62 Titans - it is more bizarre that Silva can put actual numbers to thirty rookies with uncertain participation this year. While chalking this up to a pre-camp column-filler it looks like his projections for Delmas are as reasonably solid as can be expected prior to the completion of the first minicamp.