Week 1 Underdogs With Time to Prepare

Saturday, May 23, 2009

As posted earlier this week, when odds makers in Las Vegas issued their 2009 NFL betting lines, they proved that they still didn't have much faith (if any) in the Detroit Lions. An article posted today in the Detroit Free Press further reiterated that point. The article stated that when the Lions open the 2009 season in New Orleans against the Saints, the Saints will be favored by 12 points. The article goes on to say that while it's still early (considering training camp is still a good 4 weeks away), the Lions opening the season as +12 underdogs might not seem bad as it looks. While this line shouldn't come as of much a surprise considering that last season the Lions lost to the Saints 42-7 at home, this line may be a glimmer of hope! With the final score of last seasons game, odds makers could have been much harder on the Lions; but could it be possible that expert odds makers are finally viewing the Lions franchise with some optimism due to all of the off-season changes? Lets hope that's the case, but only time (about 3.5 months or so) will tell.