K. Smith to have "Break-Out" Season!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lions Running Back Kevin Smith opened some eyes last season when the rookie RB rushed for just under the 1000 yard while scoring eight touchdowns. Keep in mind he was able to do that behind a dismal line and with a passing attack that feature five different QB's; not too threatening. All things considered, Smith had a great year but it didn't receive the recognition he should have because of an 0-16 record. During the winter, Smith opened some more eyes and received some recognition; not for his play, but rather for his comments. Smith stated that despite having the worst season in NFL history, he and his fellow Detroit Lions will be in the playoffs at the end of the 2009 season- while most NFL fans think he's crazy, those in Detroit love his optimism and his desire to win; it'll have an affect on his teammates sooner or later. Kevin Smith is still at it, opening a few more eyes- this time it's columnist Christopher Harris at ESPN. Harris has Smith chalked up to have a "break-out" season in 'Fantasy Football'! Don't think Smith's anticipated success will be relegated only to 'Fantasy Football'. If a player is going to have a breakout season, his impact will be made on the Fantasy Field as well as the Real Field. An improvement in the running game generally means the passing game will improve as well. If Smith does have a break out season, expect the Lions to balance his success with the passing game and the Lions will have a chance test the lights on the scoreboard at Ford Field!