Schwartz Turning Lemons in to Lemonade

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nick Constanika's article, "With Waivers, Lions Make Best of Being Bad", written today on the website, refers to the 'Town-Hall' meeting that was held between season ticket holders and the Lions brass earlier this. Schwartz felt that occassion was a good time to communicate to the fans that being at the bottom was bad and is now in the past, but being there surprisingly has an upside too. He said, and I quote:

“....In other words — you can say it in a lot of different ways — but basically, benefit from that position.”

To summarize what Schwartz was trying to say with his statement was yes, the Lions were terrible last year, but that will give the franchise a lot of advantages when it comes to upgrading the roster. The Lions will get the first shot at choosing players not only in the draft, but also those on the waiver wire. While some great talent was added during the draft; Schwartz is proving that he knows how to capitalize on that wavier priority. He's already picked up some talented veterans on both sides of the ball. With his latest addition, Jon Jansen (ROG) formerly of the Washington Redskins, should add even more talent up front. While with Washington, Jansen was know as "The Rock" because of his stability and constant production at the position, despite missing a few games the past following season due to injury. For a fan-base was somewhat upset with the O-Line situation, Schwartz has shown that he too recognized the need to upgrade the talent and add some depth there, and he's done so successfully thus far. Something's telling me that he isn't done taking advantage of the Lions waiver position (they do have first overall priority). Another thing to keep in mind is that once camps begin to open and players start t0 get cut due to younger talent or possibly more cap causalities, expect Schwartz to continue to bring in even more new faces. By the time the season starts the Lions may experience one of greats turn ar0unds, in terms of roster personnel, in the history of the NFL.