Grim Outlook For Lion Quarterbacks

Sunday, May 24, 2009

There is an old maxim that a team with two quarterbacks is a team with no quarterbacks. If this is so, then what is a team with no quarterbacks?

Killer presents a scouting report on Daunte Culpeppper that is less than flattering.

Linehan had a huge influence in the drafting of Stafford. Both Lions general manager Martin Mayhew and head coach Jim Schwartz have talked about Linehan's input, his experience with young quarterbacks and his plan to develop Stafford. It's only reasonable to assume that if Linehan was pushing hard for Stafford that he has some real doubts about whether Culpepper was going to be consistent enough to be a winning quarterback in Detroit. After all, who knows Culpepper better than Linehan? ~ Last year, former Lions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto told me that ... Culpepper's biggest problem was that he too often threw to the wrong receiver in the offensive system.
Even while Kowalski is known to be a bit unreliable in his reporting, this discussion is quite troubling. For Culpepper to have a career renaissance he has to remake himself into a quarterback who relies on savvy rather than physical gifts. He is no longer the quarterback who can disrupt defenses with his size and speed, and he hasn't had a good year since Cris Carter retired. If his decision making hasn't improved in his years since Minnesota then it will be a very long year for Detroit as long as Culpepper is under center.