Jonathon Scott On Lions Experience

Monday, May 25, 2009

Den regular Freebird22 with an outstanding find. Jonathon Scott relates his experience with the Lions which points directly to the dysfunction among the Lion coaches during his years on the team. Years of coaching turnover with new systems and schemes annually, created a destructive spiral where promising young players like Scott were significantly handicapped in their development.

In Detroit, the life of a lineman was maddening. Scott said the communication breakdowns between the offensive coordinator and his offensive line coach ran rampant. One told him to step left on a play, the other said to step right.

“So which one do I do?” Scott said. “If I don’t it the offensive line way, I won’t be able to play. If I don’t do it the offensive coordinator’s way then I’ll never get on the field. There were always situations like that.”

Chaotic fragmentation. The shoddy separation of powers triggered on-field breakdowns. Scott said the linemen became “chickens with their heads cut off.” Who was supposed to block where was a play-to-play mystery.

“You can sense frustration throughout the entire team,” Scott said. “Cancer is a disease and negative energy can be transmitted easily from one player to the next and one coach to the next. I’ve witnessed situations where coaches aren’t on the same page. So when you try to change all that negative energy and do a 180 on game day, your chances aren’t that great.”

While Scott's revelations are a direct indictment of Rod Marinelli they also provide Lion faithful with a spark of hope. Regardless of how talented Lewand, Mayhew and Schwartz turn out, their unity of plan should create as much immediate on-field improvement as any personnel decisions.

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