Teachable moment shows difference between Schwartz, Marinelli

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jim Schwartz had a long talk with the Lions' offense following two-minute drills Sunday in which the team scored no TDs, Tom Kowalski at MLive.com reports.

"There were some coaching points that came up in that, and I don't like to wait until we get off the field or wait until a meeting at night because it's a lot better to make (those points) right away," Schwartz said.
That's already a refreshing change from the approach of the last coach, Rod Marinelli. Having come in as a defensive line coach from Tampa Bay with no head coaching or even coordinator experience, Marinelli hired Mike Martz to run the offense -- and then Marinelli seemed to abdicate himself from any authority over or involvement in it.

It was a bad move on many levels, not the least of which being Martz tended to run an offense that when it failed -- which it often did due to a lack of talent -- put an even less talented defense back out onto the field far too often, for far too long. The results were predictable.

Schwartz comes from a defensive background, but realizes that he's the head coach of the entire team; and that in the big picture, the offenses and defenses should complement one another.

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