Monday's Headlines: Lions To Go 3-13?

Monday, August 17, 2009

  • Regardless of how realistic it may (or may not be) many probably won't be happy with Lions beat writer Tom Kowalski's season prediction. Killer's prognosication? 3-13.

    "it doesn't mean the Detroit Lions are destined to be losers forever," writes Kowalski. "In fact, I think the Lions are doing most things the right way and they're smartly building their team."

    C'mon, Tom, give 'em some more love. Also from mlive: Culpepper gave Stafford some love, stating "He's a talented player and he's going to be really good in this league for a long time." But that doesn't mean he's ready to offer his job to the rookie, either.

  • The Chicago Tribune's Dan Pompei offered his outsider take on the new Detroit Lions in a recent feature for the newspaper.

    "That checklist, were it to exist, might be longer than Santa's gift list. The Lions of 2008, should you need reminding, were the first team in NFL history to finish with an 0-16 record. Their defense allowed 6,470 yards, second highest ever."

    Concluded Pompei, "So while the Lions can't promise they will be an elite team in 2009, they can promise they will be a different one."

  • The Free Press' Drew Sharp didn't offer a prediction, and one also didn't surface during his interview with Bill Ford Jr., son of owner William Clay Ford. Despite Saturday's 27-26 win, Ford Jr. was more cautious than excited.

    "Ford told me during our short, impromptu conversation that he's happy with what he has seen from the coaching staff, and he believes there's a noticeable upgrade in the quality of player talent. But he tempered all optimism with the realization that any future success will require time and patience."

  • Other than the love showered upon Matthew Stafford, Detroit didn't do a bad job with clock management, either, as pointed out by the Detroit News' John Niyo in an article from this morning.

    "Schwartz has made situational drills a focal point of camp, frequently ending sessions with live clock-management scenarios. As if on cue, the Lions had chances to run a 2-minute drill at the end of both halves."

  • Former Lions receiver Roy Williams injured his wrist during a recent Cowboy practice, according to the Associated Press.

    "The Cowboys said X-rays were negative and that Williams, expected to be the team's No. 1 receiver after the departure of Terrell Owens, is day to day. The Cowboys have one practice session Monday."

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