Rosenberg: Marinelli Left "Good Base"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Rosenberg of the Free Press believes that despite the Lions' 0-16 record of '08 that Rod Marinelli's legacy will be a good base to build on. A good base of players? No, not that, but rather a good culture of players who fought hard in adversity.

he made the Lions better in one important sense: He changed the culture.

The 2008 Lions seemed to like each other. They played hard. They did not seem especially bitter toward the head coach or management. They cared more about winning than about their own stats. (link)

Considering that Schwartz and Mayhew are currently in the process of turning over more than half the final roster, and more than half of the starters from the beginning of last season, I fail to see how Marinelli established a good culture. To me, that was no more than a group of harmonious losers.