QB-Day: the battle’s first skirmish

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lions fans everywhere waited eagerly for news out of the Lions’ first full contact, full pads, full roster practice since the new Lions’ leadership took over.  Unfortunately, they had to wait just a little bit longer than fans of most other NFL teams, as the Lions are keeping a tight lid any on-field blogging/tweeting/smoke signals/etc

While there are many storylines worth watching, there was one question foremost in everyone’s mind: who will win the Battle of the Quarterbacks?  Our own Nate Caminata and Mike Mady did a great two-part preview in this premium story.  Now, though, the two generals have taken the field and, for the first time, waged war.  What were the results?

According to Nate Caminata, to the Grand Rapids Press’s Brian VanOchten, and the Detroit News’ Bob Wojnowski, the answer is clear: Duante Culpepper looks fine and everything, but if he wants to go into the season as the Lions’ starting quarterback, he’s going to have win an epic battle.  Stafford, from all accounts, looked extremely impressive on Saturday.  If this continues over the next several weeks—Stafford looking calm, poised, professional, and better than Culpepper—I don’t think that Jim Schwartz will take the Free Press’s Mike Rosenberg’s advice.