Brown Struggling In Pass Protection

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Killer discusses Brown's struggles picking up pass protection;

In the drill, running backs have to step up and brace themselves for a blitzing linebacker attacking at full speed.

It's a tough drill to begin with, but the 205-pound Brown is at a big disadvantage, not just in terms of size, but in strength, too.

but this really should be no surprise. College running backs aren't asked to pass block much, particularly out of the I-formation that is so common, and Brown is no exception. NFLdraftscout notes that he was not known as a blocker at TCU. He was Texas Christian's second leading receiver last year despite missing several games, and was more likely to run a route on third down than to stay in. So now he has to learn pass blocking, but not only does he have to learn it, he has to learn it against NFL-caliber competition.

So many Den-izens wonder why Cason is still on the roster, and while it won't be surprising to see him cut prior to the season, this is precisely why. He is a complete back, even while not being great in any one area. As long as he can block, catch, and kick cover he will be in demand - at least to the extent that he'll get ample reps in August, and a phone call in October.

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