Drew Stanton: Alive and Well

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just two years ago, Drew Stanton was the home-grown potential savior of the Detroit Lions franchise. The former Michigan State standout, waiting in the wings.

Now, it seems, he's more like the Star Trek extra; everyone wonders whether or not he'll survive through the opening credits, but doesn't necessarily care.

Yesterday (or Monday, for you sporadic readers), Stanton showed signs of life: updating his blog and refusing to mention at all his deathgrip on relevancy. Aptly titled "Football is Fun Again," he generalized his camp experience and had a few encouraging remarks about the new football staff.

"This year is my year to prove myself, and I take that approach every day I step foot on the practice field. I go out with the mindset of completing every pass and learning every single day. There are times I might not be the one taking the actual repetition, but I am getting that rep mentally."

Added Stanton later: "At this level it is truly a chess match, and I feel as if we have all the tools on our team to win every match we are in ... I honestly believe we have many more pieces around here than in my two years past, so the reason for optimism is there and real. It all starts with Coach Schwartz, ... . He values our time, which is tremendous, and gets us off our feet when needed."

But Stanton's diminished significance is due primarily to the position he plays, rather than his actual play. He has had a strong training camp while the focus has centered around the battle between Daunte Culpepper and super rookie Matthew Stafford.