Schwartz, Mayhew try to tamp down the Aaron Brown hype

Monday, August 17, 2009

This is kind of funny.

From A.P. football writer Larry Lage:

Brown showed he has enough talent to make plays in the NFL with a 32-yard run for a touchdown and a 45-yard reception for a TD, helping Detroit beat the Atlanta Falcons in an exhibition game.

But two days later, coach Jim Schwartz was quick to put the breaks on the Brown-related hype.

"Let's not put him in the Hall of Fame yet for what he did in the preseason," Schwartz said. "But he did show some speed, he showed some exciting ability, but long way to go."

Brown's breakout game was flawed by three mental mistakes, each of which led to penalties.

He was off the line instead of on it in a punt formation, ruining Detroit's chance to pin the Falcons to their 3. He went the wrong way on a screen, leading to intentional grounding. He put his hand on the ground to set up a backflip in the end zone, and the celebration cost the team 15 yards.

Brown said he and running backs coach Sam Gash have been focusing on trying to get him ready for the nonphysical parts of the game.

"Plays only last 4 seconds on average, but they move so fast," Brown said. "You have to think faster. That's what I'm trying to do."


What did general manager Martin Mayhew think of his debut?

"Who?" Mayhew joked.

Seriously, though, Mayhew was pleased.

"He did well," Mayhew said. "He made some mistakes that have to be cleaned up, but we thought he performed pretty well."

I get the sense that they realize they have to keep this kid grounded and focused but that they realize they may have happened on a special talent.

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