Lions Preseason Blog Buzz

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

With the credentialed media folks gathered in Allen Park, I thought I’d take a moment to point out some of the great work being done by our fellow bloggers:

  • DetFan1979, who some of you may know from his Blogspot blog, has a new blog up, Roar of the Lions.  He visited training camp, and posted an outstanding diary of his visit.  He got a lot of good looks at the offensive and defensive lines, as well as a great view of some linebacker drills.   He wraps it up with a touching story about his small daughter and Charlie Sanders.  Great stuff.
  • This one’s not for the faint of heart—or pure of mind!—but Neil at Armchair Linebacker wrote a brilliant piece that, in all its profane, Gonzo glory, completely captures everything that it means to be a Lions fan.
  • For an outside perspective, Steelers blog Steelers N’At is working their way through a 32-team preseason preview.  They just posted their Lions breakdown—and while their predicted final record (2-14) won’t make most Lions fans swoon, they definitely did their homework, and made solid observations.  It’s a good look into what other teams’ fans think of the changes made by the new Lions brass.
  • Yardbarker’s doing a series called the “Juggernaut Index”, a look at every team’s offense in terms of overall fantasy football potential.  The Lions, in their estimation, rank at a position that doesn’t start with a “3”!  Predictable praise for Megatron is mixed in with some surprisingly nuanced, in-depth work.  It’s a nice read.
  • Finally, DrewsLions over at Pride of Detroit put up a nice piece trying to cover both extremes of the 2009 Lions: first bathing them in a warm, optimistic glow, then casting a deathly pallor over them, then giving you an honest piece of his own mind.

Of course, stay tuned here at the Blue Blog for all of the very latest news, insight, and analysis—and hit the jump to The Den to discuss it all with the largest Lions community around!