Jackson, Bryant Johnson miss start of camp with undisclosed maladies

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tom Kowalski at MLive.com reports that DT Grady Jackson and WR Bryant Johnson have missed the start of training camp today:

Jackson, a 12-year veteran defensive tackle, was placed on the Non-Football Illness list with an undisclosed health problem. Bryant, a seven-year veteran receiver, was placed on the Non-Football Injury list with "non-orthopedic" injuries suffered in a golf cart accident last month.

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew would not reveal details, other than to say he expects both players to be back "soon."
With Jackson I figure it's a veteran big guy who wants to limit how much preseason pounding he takes, also known as "Jerry Ball-itis."

The Bryant Johnson thing is potentially more concerning. Killer writes that the injuries, while not involving torn muscles or broken bones, "appear to be a long way from healing and recovery could be a lengthy process." Though it doesn't seem like Mayhew or Schwartz are that worried about it.

I had a horrifying thought run through my head today -- what if Calvin Johnson suffered an injury that required him to miss time? (Heaven forbid, knock on wood, etc.)

The Lions might have the worst receiving corps in football were that to happen.

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