Schwartz gets fun shot in on his franchise QB to open camp

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tom Kowalski at gives us this amusing nugget ...

After meeting with the team on rules, regulations and policies, Coach Jim Schwartz put up a Power Point presentation of what he did over the summer -- family photos, etc.

Writes Killer: "At the end, Schwartz said, 'I thought I had a fun vacation - until I saw this.'"

To the uproarious laughter of the team, Schwartz then put up a Power Point of some photos of how Lions rookie QB Matthew Stafford spent part of his summer vacation. Quite well, as you can see here.

"Yeah, that was pretty funny," said quarterback Matthew Stafford, who knew something was up. "I knew he was going to do it. As soon as he put up the 'Schwartz Family Photos' I knew it was coming."

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