The offensive line: a firm foundation?

Sunday, July 5, 2009 posted a very nice original article focussing on the Lions' offensive line. They note that while the Lions have approached the most rest of the roster as a thing to be destroyed and replaced, the offensive line--one of the weakest parts of the 0-16 2008 squad--will be built upon, rather than razed.

I have often thought that the biggest problem facing the Lions' offensive line is not necessarily the talent, biut the constant state of flux the unit has been in. Besides the shifting schemes, coordinators, and coaches, the Lions have--both by choice and to replace injury--played an enormous number of different players around left tackle Jeff Backus and center Dominic Raiola. While the Lions have indeed brought in a lot of new competition for the "two-deeps", the extensions of Raiola and guard Stephen Peterman mean they're returning four of five starters. Only time will tell if this approach was the right one, but O-line is certainly a place on the roster where continuity is it's own virtue.

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