Gerald Alexander Was Really Good! For Real!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Color me skeptical.

We hear that the Lions’ willingness to part with Alexander was less an indictment of his talent and more a function of their young depth at the position
I kind of find it hard to believe that Detroit would part with a young player with that kind of talent in order to acquire a kick returner that is probably a bit too expensive, a bit too over the hill, is no lock to make the roster and is certainly in no way a long-term solution.
Assuming he shows no ill effects from his injury, Alexander should supplant veteran acquisition Marlon McCree as the first safety to come off the bench,
This is probably true, however if he was showing no ill effects from his injury Alexander probably would never have been traded in the first place. Alexander may make Jacksonville's roster, he may even play a bit, but in no way would Detroit have been willing to give up Alexander so cheaply if he wasn't even a strong contender for dime back. I'm pretty sure Killer wrote that Alexander was poised to be cut. Discuss it Here in The Den