Delmas could end the Lions' decade of disappointment in second round

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dean Holden at calls 2009 Lions second-round pick, S Louis Delmas, one of the most promising second-rounders to hit Detroit in a long time.

While former Lions president Matt Millen's failures in the first round of the draft were well-publicized, he was also rather awful in the second rounds. Holden notes that Delmas could break a string of second-round picks that range from careers cut short by injury to not reaching their potential to somewhat disappointing to brutally bad.

Kind of a lengthy post, with analysis of each year's second-rounders since 2000, so I won't copy-and-paste here. I urge you to follow the link and give it a read.

With the exception of Dominic Raiola and Shaun Rogers in the second round of 2001, it's been pretty darn close to a whiff. Too soon to say that about the recent choices like Ikaika Alama-Francis and Jordon Dizon, but they haven't exactly lit things up. And Drew Stanton? He still has his believers, but ...

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