ESPN's Page 2: "Vick needs Detroit, and vice versa"

Friday, July 31, 2009

ESPN the Magazine senior writer and Lions fan LZ Granderson writes on Page 2 that the Lions should sign QB and recent prison resident Michael Vick.

In my opinion, Granderson's logic is never particularly well laid-out. He seems to gloss by the fact that the team just spent its top pick in the draft on its QB of the future. He doesn't discuss whether the Lions will adopt some sort of Wildcat scheme which Vick would run.

His logic seems to be that the Lions have stunk for years, Vick is an electrifying talent, so how can the Lions not use Vick?

Vick needs a place to start rehabilitating his image and career, and the Lions need … well, the Lions need a lot, but we'll start with buzz. With Stafford and Culpepper, Lions fans are thinking, "Well, we can't do worse than last year." With Vick, fans would line up to buy tickets with a sense of hope.

It would be a misplaced sense of hope, but hope nonetheless. His quarterback rating be damned, before going to prison, Vick was the most exciting player in the NFL, and when you can't promise the people wins, you at least should be able to promise them entertainment. Worst-case scenario, you'll end up with a situational scrambler/kick returner who will move merchandise and guarantee national media attention. Best-case scenario, he'll put up decent-to-good numbers for cheap and either become trade bait and/or fuel a quarterback controversy.

Sorry, LZ, but your argument isn't exactly convincing.

Here's one thing Granderson wrote with which I agree: Ignore the inevitable protestors wherever Vick goes; he paid his debt to society and deserves a chance at redemption.
Vick has served his time in prison, is remorseful for his actions and should be allowed to work in his chosen profession -- not frozen out because of fear of bad publicity.

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