Lions rookie OT's wife a workout warrior herself

Friday, July 3, 2009

If Lions rookie OT Lydon Murtha ever needs extra motivation in the gym (doubtful -- the guy's 6-7 and a massive 315 pounds) he can look to his wife.

Turns out Natasha Murtha is a workout warrior in her own right. (See the photos for yourself at that link.) Mrs. Murtha, 23, apparently only started serious training about 15 months ago, and in May won a bodybuilding and fitness competition and a pro card from the International Fitness Professionals Association.

From her "BodySpace" page linked above, "Tashi" Murtha says, "My husband was on YouTube looking at bodybuilders and when he came across the women, the first words out of my mouth were, "Wow! I wished I looked like that." The next day I was hitting the gym..."

MLive's Tom Kowalski earlier this month predicted the practice squad for Lydon Murtha, who showed some talent but was often injured at the University of Nebraska, where he met his buff bride-to-be.

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