Was Culpepper giving Stafford cold shoulder during Sunday's game

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Den-izen kb760 is a little fired up at what he/she perceived as a sulking Daunte Culpepper on the sidelines during Sunday's blowout loss in New Orleans.

"If Daunte is going to act like he did yesterday and distance himself from the QB, never helping the rookie (only Stanton talked to Matt) then what good is he?," kb760 writes. "Get him the heck out of here. The one time I did see him, he had his earphones on and just stood around uninvolved. Grow up and impart some wisdom during the game to the rookie."

Others see that as much ado about nothing, that Culpepper is there in case Stafford goes down, and that it's the coaches job to coach the rook; and that a few glimpses of him from TV on the sidelines may not accurately portray Culpepper's involvement; and that it's possible the veteran provides more guidance and pointers during practices.

On the other hand, Culpepper was retired because he wanted a starting job somewhere and couldn't find one. Now, to give it a very good shot but be a backup on the LIONS has got to hurt -- as evidenced by his written statement after Stafford was named starter, that was submitted to the media by the team.

Is it Culpepper's job anyway, to give Stafford pep talks? Is Culpepper sulking, and bringing negativity to the sideline? Does that matter much anyway, with the defense looking as it did Sunday? They're talking about it in The Den!