The Stafford debate starts in earnest

Monday, September 14, 2009

Looks like some of us are better at prognostication than others. Like that wise man who said before the game, "Go to Vegas and bet your entire 401(k) on the over." (Ahem.)

With another blowout road loss and a generally bad performance by rookie QB Matthew Stafford, The Den is afire with debate about whether anointing him the starter for Week 1 was the best move.

"This is not the way to start a season," said Den-izen acmjmm34. "Granted (Stafford) has looked relatively calm in the pocket, his throws to members of our team have been off on a number of occassions. His INTs though have been right on target. The defense didn't do him any favors but in all fairness we needed a far better ball control offense to hang with this team. Daunte would have been a better choice for starting considering our first 6 game schedule. A lot can be said for veteran leadership."

My take is somewhat similar to that posted by ARJANTIS: "Either go through it early this year or go through it next year... Either way you have to go through his lumps sooner or later."

Stafford's the guy. He may become John Elway-like. He may become Ryan Leaf-like. But he has been given the keys to this franchise, and his attempt to grow into greatness and turn this sad-sack team around must now follow its multi-year course. It's clear he needs work on decision-making under adversity, accuracy and recognizing disguised defenses.

But the Lions are going to be a bad team this year with Culpepper at the helm or Stafford. Playing experience through a brutal year for the team and through brutal stats for the rookie QB worked for Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning.