An Early Look at the 2010 Mock Draft

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ok, I know its really early.

But as a guy who's main beat is to look at this sort of thing, college football starting means the draft is on its way!

Here are some guys I've pegged for the top of the draft that the Lions may be looking at.

Carlos Dunlap (DE-Florida)

A premier pass rusher who will be tempted to leave early by Florida's success and draft status. He is slightly bigger and slightly bigger than Mario Williams and will be just as tempting. The Texans made the right pick years ago, will this year's number one be as shrewd?

Offensive Tackles

Here's something you already know. The Lions need help on the blind side. Here's what we don't know... who the top tackle will be. Right now Trent Williams (Oklahoma) Russel Okung (Oklahoma State) and Ciron Black (LSU) are on the top of everyone's boards. However, Michael Oher was in much the same position last fall.

While you're watching football this fall, keep a special eye on Sam Young (Notre Dame) Bryan Bulaga (Iowa) and Adam Ulatoski (Texas). All three have NFL ready bodies and the athleticism to go with it.

Defensive Tackles

As of right now, Shaun Smith doesn't look to be the answer. Ndamukong Suh (pronounce "soo" like sooper-star) is a nice talent from Nebraska, but remember, playing defense in the Big 12 North doesn't always provide the best spotlight.

Other names to watch out for, Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma) and Arthur Jones (Syracuse).

I Hope this enriches your early season college football watching. Check out my preliminary 2-round mock for more info. Hint: I have the Lions selecting Dunlap and Patrick Robinson (CB-Florida State).