Phil Simms: I'd take Stafford over Sanchez AND Ryan, Flacco

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wow ... who snuck the Kool-Aid into the CBS booth?

Former Super Bowl winning QB Phil Simms appeared on the "Scores Report" last week and talked about a number of NFL-related topics. Most interesting to Lions fans: a few questions about rookie QB Matthew Stafford and how he measures up to other young QBs. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

The Scores report: If you’re starting a franchise tomorrow and you have your pick of these four young quarterbacks, whom do you go with: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford?

Phil Simms: Am I the coach, too? That could determine whom I choose.

TSR: Yep, you run everything – you’re the coach, the GM, everything.

PS: If I had to take one of those four guys right now and we’re going to start tomorrow, I’d probably take Matthew Stafford.

TSR: Really?

PS: Yes. He’s got the arm and he’s a lot more mobile then I thought he would be when I saw him at Georgia. I’m not saying he’s got Brett Favre’s arm, but he has an arm that is going to last a long time. Of course, Joe Flacco does too, but Stafford would be my type of quarterback.

I think Stafford's already shown he's not going to be a bust. I think he's also shown he's got a lot of upside, as he seems to keep improving week by week.

So I'm not surprised to hear Simms say he'd take Stafford over Sanchez -- and even Joe Flacco (though Flacco was a game-manager type his rookie year and now really seems to be blossoming). But over Matt Ryan? Bold statement there. Not sure if I'd concur.

But Simms was a very good QB, and he's one of the best color analysts out there. So ...

A link to the full story isn't working, so I don't know if there's more. But here's's blurb on it.

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